Healthy teams to see far away…

…an investment in which you are winners.

Provide quick access to health services for your team. Our nurses can take care of all the health needs of your employees. Think of your employee, a mother, who has to take time off work because one of her children is sick or your employee who needs stitches after opening his hand on heavy machinery.

With the Medicalux Clinic, there is no waiting and we receive your employees the same day as making an appointment.

Result? A decrease in absenteeism, fewer hours of work lost, a higher sense of belonging and healthier employees!

Reduce the risk of workplace ergonomic injuries by investing in a preventative ergonomic program in your business.

Services offered:

  • Presentation on good ergonomic positioning in the workplace
  • Personalized ergonomic evaluations (virtual or in person)
  • Train the trainer program (get some of your key employees trained on basic ergonomic assessments)

Pre-employment physicals allow employers to ensure that candidates are able to meet the hiring criteria related to positions within companies.

This allows companies to become aware of candidates who cannot perform all the essential tasks of the position safely or who may pose a risk of occupational injury.

The exams offered:

  • Personalized pre-hiring questionnaire
  • Full medical exam
  • Hearing test
  • Eye exam
  • Spirometry and respiratory function test

The positions offered by your company require special skills and abilities? The Medicalux Clinic offers a pre-employment physical for your candidates and employees personalized to your needs.

Increase employee satisfaction and health as well as protect your business by offering on site yearly flu shots at the workplace.

Services offered:

  • Promotional vaccination campaign
  • Appointment booking
  • Health care professionals and materials needed on site to administer the vaccines according to the business needs