a 6 Month Obesity Program
by Medicalux Private Care

Helping you take charge of your health

In NB, 35.3% of the adult population is living with obesity. Yet many of them are unaware that obesity is considered a chronic disease or that our weight is mostly determined by our genetics. Instead, most still believe that being overweight is a choice and is preventable. This misconception leads to weight stigma and prevents this population from getting the quality care and treatment they need for their chronic disease. We’ve built an obesity program with the goal to equip participants with the confidence and assurance that they can take charge of their health and thrive while living in a larger body.

Our exclusive program is based on the Obesity Canada Guidelines and is different from harmful fad diets available on the market. Led by our Registered Dietitian, Your Best Weight aims to teach participants about goal setting, the concept of resilience, meal planning, values, plateau and more. We put emphasis on improving your quality of life, not on the number on the scale.

What you can expect from the program:

  • 6 month program
  • Private blood work to review your overall health and rule out obesity related conditions
  • Consultations with a Registered Dietitian
  • In Body Scale measurements to calculate your energy expenditure
  • Treatment of obesity as a chronic disease with personalized modalities such as behavioral therapy, medical management with medication or surgery if indicated.
  • Physician consultation and follow-up
  • Quality care and fair treatment, all available in one location